Global Naypia Compact HE Wall Mounted Gas Fire

High Efficiency Glass-Fronted Inset Gas Fire


Product Description

The Naypia Compact High efficiency hole-in-the-wall gas fire has been specifically designed for those who like the contemporary styling of the Naypia HE but are looking for something more petite.

The Naypia Compact HE is easily accommodated into the smaller, more condensed living space and boasts 87% net efficiency


  • Radiant & convected heat
  • Up to 87% net efficiency
  • Full depth log fuel effect
  • 3.5kW heat output
  • Fully automatic remote control operation with thermostatic function


Safety Flame Supervision Device (FSD)Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS)
Flue Type Brick ChimneyPre-Fabricated Flue
Maximum Heat Output 3.5kW
Maximum Heat Input 4.4kW
Ventilation Required Not normally required
Net Efficiency 87% net


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