Parada Illumia 54S Gas Fire Suite

Luxury high efficiency gas fire, the perfect combination of form and function



Product Description

The Parada Illumia 54S is a small fireplace which makes a big impact. Available in a choice of travertine or limestone the surround has been characteristically designed to look at home in both modern and traditional settings.

The high efficiency, glass fronted gas fire features a stylish log fuel effect with a glossy black enamel lining and mesmerising flames. The fire is operated by a multifunction remote control system with thermostatic and timer functions which allow you to pre-set your desired room temperature and the time that the fire turns on and turns off. The remote handset is also used to operate decorative halogen lighting which is built in to the stone surround.

The smaller proportions of the Parada Illumia 54S ensures it will fit most standard chimney breasts. A balanced flue version for homes without a chimney is also available.

Please Note:

Limestone and Travertine are natural products and as such can be subject to variation in colour and veining. Small fossils and crystal lines may also be apparent in some sections of the surround making it an inherent feature of the product. These are not defects but mean that every suite will be entirely unique.

When you recover your new surround there may be some colour variations. This is typical of limestone and travertine as the stone is particularly porous material which absorbs moisture during manufacture and deep sea transport in the container. After 2-3 weeks in a room with an average temperature the surround will dry to a consistent colour.


  • Available in a choice of Limestone or Travertine
  • High Efficiency glass fronted
  • Stylish log fuel bed
  • Multifunction remote control operated
  • Thermostatic and timer functions
  • Decorative halogen lighting


Flue Type Brick ChimneyPre-Fabricated Flue
Safety Flame Supervision Device (FSD)Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS)
Maximum Heat Input 5.0kW
Maximum Heat Output 3.5kW
Net Efficiency 77% (net)


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